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Meet our African catfish

Our African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) breeded at our farm in southern Sweden is used for our needs and for sales around the world. We can offer you the fish who suits you and your company the best. We can offer you the fish who suits you and your company the best.

Since 2021, we are running an hatchery on catfish based on the dutch strain provided by Fleuren & Nooijen (Aquaculture ID, NL). We are able to supply broodstock for hatcheries as well as regular fry for fattening.

African catfish

Lat: Clarias gariepinus

Trade name. African catfish


We breeds up African catfish as well at our farm. The African catfish is a warm-water freshwater groundfish who has the roots from Africa and Asien. It´s a very popular fish because of it´s high quality meat and taste. 


These strain have been selected since over 30 years based on various traits (growth, domestication, cannibalism,...). 

Our African catfish is bred at our farm in southern Sweden, but in nature it is a warm-water freshwater fish that is found in Africa. Catfish is the third most cultivated family in the world and are usually cultivated until a size of 1,2-1,5 kilograms.

For our own production we raise fish until they weight 2 kilograms.

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