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Meet our Nile tilapia

Fish breeded at our farm in southern Sweden without hormones, vaccination and antibiotics. We produce for our needs and propose Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) of both silver/wild and red strain. We can offer you the fish who suits you and your company the best.

Since 2021, we are breeding Tilapia using the YY technology, offering a male ration up to 99% without hormonal administration with a simple, affordable and natural spawning. This technology have been created by Til-Aqua International (NL).

We can supply YY super males as a broodstock and fry for fattening.

Nile tilapia - red & silver strain


Lat: Oreochromis niloticus

Trade name. Nile tilapia / tilapia

Our Nile tilapia is bred at our farm in southern Sweden, but in nature it is a warm-water freshwater fish that is found in Africa and Asia. Nile tilapia is the second most cultivated specie in the world and are usually cultivated until a size of 300-500 grams.

For our own production we raise fish until they weight 800 grams.



Our red strain is well performing in brackish water.

Our silver strain is more suitable for freshwater system and less tolerant to salt

For questions or to place an order please contact us!


Our technology

Mixed sex culture has been a common practice around the world for decades. However, with growing interest and research a focus has been made on the production of monosex population.

All male production have many benefits which makes them more suitable for aquaculture, such as:

  • High growth rates and feed utilisation efficiency

  • High tolerance to severe environnemental conditions

  • Reduced aggressiveness

  • Uniformity of the batch at harvest size

  • Control of the reproduction during growth out phase

Different methods are available to produce monosex population.

At GF-Hatchery, we are offering an all male production without any hormonal administration with the YY-technology. 

The main advantage of our technology is his easiness. Indeed, there is no action, preparation, special product to have in mind, everything is simple!

When we supply broodstock, we are offering super male (with two Y chromosomes) who needs to be kept apart from the main population.

Our super males can be crosser with mixed sex population supplied by us or by local population.

The only requirement for our technology is different tanks and the knowledge of sorting male and female as explained below

The end product of the YY-technology is a complete normal male with normal XY-chromosomes.

Each new generation of our new breeders are individually tested and yearly improved based on a rigorous breeding program.

The reception of the broodstock
YY Hatchery illustration Ny illustration black.png
The sustainable way of tilapia production
YY Hatchery illustration black.png
Health certificate

Our Tilapia strain is regularly tested by two independent and reliable laboratoires based in Europe.

Fish are checked for emerging diseases including TiLV. Theses analysis, added to our rigorous bio security in our facilities, is needed to offer our customer the best quality disease free fish.

                                                                                     2021.05.12      2021.07.20      2021.11.30      2022.02.16
Streptococcus iniae                                                  Negative           Negative           Negative         Negative
Tilapia Lake Virus                                                      Negative           Negative           Negative         Negative
Streptococcus agalactiae serotype 1 a, 1b, 3         Negative           Negative           Negative         Negative

PDF                                                                            Certificate        Certificate       Certificate       Certificate
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